Released:  August 21, 2015 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay)
Chad Halvorsen (Story, Co-Writer)
Kris Schulz (Co-Writer)
Jeff Bell (Co-Writer)
Produced by
Executive Producer - Chris Moehr
Associate Producer - Rene Michelle Aranda
Associate Producer - Candace Lauren Ostler
Associate Producer - Ali Bahr
Walter Diaz
2nd Unit Cinematographer
Chris Moehr
3rd Unit Cinematography/Under Water Unit
Chad Halvorsen
Chad Halvorsen
Visual Effects
Chris Moehr
Ending Credits & Graphics
Graham Alexander
Eric Momou
Walter Diaz
Still Photography
Rene Michelle Aranda
Production Sound/Post Sound
Cory Kaseman
Key Grip
Chris Moehr
Scotch Hopkins
Prop Master
Rene Michelle Aranda
Gun Wrangler
Alex Frew
Prop Builder
Scotch Hokins
Production Manager
Ali Bahr
Assistant Director
Amanda Jackson
2nd AD
Rene Michelle Aranda
Vehicle Liason
Candace Ostler
Post Production Supervisor
Chris Moehr
Stunt Coordinator
Scotch Hopkins
Stunt Driver
Stunt Driver
Brian C. Ostler, SR. ESQ.
Mary Ostler
Candace Lauren Ostler
Rene Michelle Aranda
Erica Muller
Special Thanks
The Ostler Family
Diane Viera
Robert Guthrie
Chris Poore
and Will Fisher

Film Synopsis:

WINNER – BEST EDITING (Chad Halvorsen)

Stephen has a sister-in-law that he really, really does not care for. Every time she rolls into town, things take a turn for the worse, and Stephen finds himself involved in things he has absolutely no interest in being involved with.

Made for the 2015 Charlotte 48 Hour Film Festival; Firmament spread their smallest team yet across thew country to make this film. While members drove from Wisconsin to join the main crew in California, and a couple of members remained in Madison, team members in Charlotte participated in the pull and hand off. It was an exciting adventure that gave us another fine addition to the Firmament library as well as adding several new friends to the FFamily.

Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Character: Stephen/Scarlet O’Farrell, architect
Prop: Garden Hose
Dialogue: “I have a funny feeling about this.”


Violet / Candace Lauren Ostler
Stephen O'Farrell / Alex Frew
Femke Klebb / Rene Michelle Aranda
Hugo / Scotch Hopkins
Scarlet O'Farrell / Erica Muller
Yuri / T.C. De Witt
Yuri / Chad Halvorsen
Khan / Eric Momou
The Body / Chris Moehr


  • Femke Klebb gets her name from the James Bond villain Rosa Klebb.
  • Filmed in southern California with half the writing team in Wisconsin and team members stationed in Charlotte, NC. Producer Chris Moehr, Editor/Actor Chad Halvorsen, and Sound Guru Cory Kaseman drove the 2 and a half days to CA to join the LA crew.
  • Candace Ostler's parents drove and provided the red Corvette featured in the film.
  • The sea foam green Prius from The Noize makes an appearance in the background of the fight scene between Hugo and Violet. this is also the vehicle that the trio used to travel across the country for the production.
  • The home featured for the interiors was last seen in Thin Pipes and On Thursdays I Do Laundry.
  • Though Scarlet reminds Stephen that Violet prefers white wine, he purchases red in the end.
  • The poker table scene has two camera angles, but was filmed without moving the camera. The actors rotated around the table to create the two angles. This is also the same room Violet crawls in through the window.
  • The required line of dialogue was "I have a funny feeling about this." This is (possibly) a misquote of the famous Star Wars line "I have a bad feeling about this." Chad Halvorsen commenting, "If you're going to quote Star Wars, at least do it right," in the writers' room led to the exchange between the Yuris being written into the script.
  • There is a hand drawn portrait of actress Candace Ostler and her sister to the left of Violet as she crawls through the window.
  • The meal in the post credit stinger is not much of a dinner. The plates contain Pop Tarts, left over pancakes, and chicken nuggets. Only Erica Muller had a real meal on her plate: a salad.