The Unpossessors

Released:  June 26, 2014 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay, Co-Writer)
Kris Schulz (Screenplay, Co-Writer)
Produced by
Julia Smith
T.C. De Witt
Doug Vojtko
Edited By
David Geisler
Original Score by
Alexander Hoggard
Location Manager/Gaffer/P.A.
Dale Ihde
Sound Engineer
Cory Kaseman
Special Effects
Ryan Haering
1st A.C.
Lisa Marie
Caitlin Vulich
Special Thanks
Ryan Freng and John Shoemaker of Back Flip Films
Chris Moehr
Chad Halvorsen
MKE Production Rentals

Film Synopsis:

Dana and Zee are two demon hunters on another routine exorcism that tests the limits of their skills.

Made for the 2014 Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project, this film was conceptualized, created, and completed in less than 48 hours.

This short is a great departure for the Firmament Films Family. Our first non-comedy 48 in Wisconsin, and most importantly, an ALL FEMALE CAST. While some of our heavy-hitters were on the road, new friends and family stepped up and tested their mettle on one of the hardest weekends in film making. First-time D.P. Doug, first-time 48-editor David, and several other newcomers proved they can handle the trial by fire that is the 48!

Required elements:
Character: Alan/Annie Smithee, Scientist
Prop: Umbrella
Line of Dialogue: “This is what it’s all about.”
Genre: Horror


Dana / Candace Lauren Ostler
Zee Young / Jessica Moehr
Dr. Annie Smithee / Julia Smith
Carly Smithee / Allison Chicorel
Deborah / Heather Marie Nelessen
Molly Lyn / Kimberly Casey
Demon Voice / Jesse Stokdyk
Demon Voice / Dan Casey


  • With an all female cast, this movie passes the Bechdel Test, which asks whether a work of fiction features at least two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. Many contemporary works fail this test of gender bias. On average, films that pass the test have been found to have a lower budget than others, but of comparable or better financial performance.
  • Conceptualized, created, and completed in less than 2 days for the 2014 Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project.
  • While editor Chad Halvorsen has participated in every Wisconsin 48 Firmament Films has competed in, this is the first time his wife Cate joined the team, but the first time Chad himself was unable to be involved, do in most part to his involvement with another team.
  • Lead actors Jessica and Candace helped conceptualize their characters before the script was written. Their notion of a Sherlock/Watson relationship helped shape the story.
  • DEBUT: Julia Smith's debut as producer, and Doug Vojtko's debut as cinematographer.