The Fallen

Released:  October 24, 2015 Runtime:  45 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Ares X. Cogan
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay)
Dani Yuan (Story, Screenplay)
Chris Kraemer (Co-Writer)
Francesca Kraemer (Co-Writer)
Produced by
Dani Yuan
Ares X. Cogan
T.C. De Witt
Chris Kraemer
Francesca Kraemer
Director of Photography
Ares X. Cogan
T.C. De Witt
1st Assistant Director
Nikki Chanthavy
Alexander Nishino
Visual FX Producer
Chris Moehr
Additionl VFX
Ryan Freng
Post Color Grading
Alexander Hoggard
Post Sound Mixer
Cory Kaseman

Film Synopsis:

Set during the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, a group of soldiers and survivors from the Pillar of Autumn make their way across the mysterious Halo landscape fighting for their lives against Covenant forces.

Firmament Films is proud to present The Fallen.
This extended short film is a science-fiction adventure through the Halo Universe following a ragtag group of survivors who have crashed landed on the mysterious ring after an attack by the aliens known as the Covenant.
Originally penned and produced by a group of active American Military service men and women, Firmament Films took up the flag and proudly guided this film to completion, and at long last, it is here.
This was made by fans for fans, and the production team is so thankful for those who made this happen: all the Kickstarter and Indiegogo supporters, the cast and crew who gave endless days of their time to run around the desert mountains and fight aliens, the post production team who battled to make this film a reality, Bungie, Microsoft, and the blessing of the 343. We are excited to finally be sharing this with the world of Halo fans, old and new. And finally, please continue to seek out and support independent film-making. Whether it is fan films or wholly original, independent films are made with passion and love. They are not made with a giant studio budget, and often they are made with no budget at all. Young, hungry movie makers dive into projects for the love of storytelling and the dream of sharing their tales with the world, and the support of others who share that dream is how imaginative and daring films come to be. You don’t have to search far on the internet to find new and fascinating films.
Thank you all, and we know you’ll enjoy The FALLEN.


Garrison / Chris Rymer
Atkinson / Paul Shaw
Drayer / T.C. De Witt
Lee / Jay Kwon
Gelner / Mingyu Chu
Haverty / Candace Lauren Ostler
Tomas / Stephen Ramon Brou
Lopez / Michael Montero
Gunny Banks / Selena Brown
Flip Saunders / Chris Waters
Jagielski / Kate Rappoport
Reilly / Chris Rubeiz
Comms Officer / Alex Frew
Dorian / Scotch Hopkins
Arnie / Todd Tetreault
Medic in Trench / Richard Figone
Solider in Trench / Brian Ostler


  • In the climatic scene, the Medic appears in the trench to inform the survivors that "Keyes thawed out a Spartan." This is a direct reference to Master Chief, the main protagonist of the HALO franchise.
  • There are many direct references to HALO Universe, including Captain Keyes, the Pillar of Autumn, Skopje, Reach, and Arcadia.
  • There are several collaborators from previous Firmament Films in the Fallen. Scotch Hopkins and Alex Frew appeared in Violet, Todd Tetreault appeared in On Thursday, I Do Laundry. Candace Ostler has been in been in nearly all the Firmament films.
  • T.C. De Witt was initially only hired as an actor, but over the course of production, De Witt helped write additional scenes, as well as taking on the final stages of post production, including the filming of an a new climax to the film.
  • After sitting in limbo for over a year, T.C. De Witt and Firmament Films took up post production bringing the film to completion. There was an entire scene filmed to craft the climax of the movie.
  • In order to create a complete narrative, T.C. De witt edited in the entirety of the Fallen Prologue as well as several moments from Halo: Crucible. Both films were used in the crowd funding for the Fallen.
  • Footage from several other science fiction films was utilized for many of the planned visual effects shots that the original production team were unable to achieve. These other films include Cowboy and Aliens, HALO: Baptism By Fire, the Rocketeer, and Iron Man.
  • Actor Jay Kwon was unable to film his last day, leading to his character to be killed off screen. Additionally, in order to retain Corporal Lee;s presence in the film, actress Candace Ostler doubled for Lee in several reverse shots.
  • Candace Ostler, in addition to appearing as the dying pilot Taylor Haverty, doubled for Kate Rappoport and Jay Kwon.
  • While filming a portion of their scenes, Michael Montero and Stephen Brou and the crew were visited by local law enforcement after someone reported seeing two men in miltary gear carrying a massive sniper rifle. The cops showed up to investigate causing the cast and crew quite a bit of fear. Luckily, the officers were HALO fans and after all was cleared up, asked to get soe pictures with the actors and the props.
  • Chris Waters was unable to appear for the pick-up day of filming. Scotch Hopkins, who was cast as Sgt. Dorian turned out to be a perfect body double.
  • After several takes of the trench scene, director T.C. De Witt was not satisfied with the level of intensity the cast was giving. In order to achieve the proper performances from the cast in the climatic battle, De Witt had the team perform the entire scene while he screamed and souted explosion and gunfire sounds at the top of his lungs. The cast performed at the intensity the director had hoped for, and none of them broke character throughout. Once the scene ended, however, it took quite some time to stop all the laughing and giggling from the sheer ridiculousness of it. Aferwards, filming continued with the cast having a better understanding of how loud the battle around them would be.
  • Filmed in the San Gabriel Mountains, California.
  • Firmament Films' longest film at the date of its release.
  • Filmed over the course of three years.