Stories For The Fire

Released:  March 21, 2016 Runtime:  7 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay)
Produced by
Candace Lauren Ostler
Rene Michelle Aranda
Alex Frew
T.C. De Witt
T.C. De Witt
Director of Post Production Sound
Cory Kaseman
End Credits Sequence
Patrick Brazier
Patrick Brazier
T.C. De Witt
Special Thanks
Chad Halvorsen
Alexander Hoggard

Film Synopsis:

Three friends sit around the backyard fire and share tales to spook, creep, and chill.


Kitty / Rene Michelle Aranda
Kyle / Alex Frew
Klara / Candace Lauren Ostler


  • This film came to be on a whim. Rene Aranda and Alex Frew were celebrating the New Year with Candace Ostler and T.C. De Witt and ended up staying the first week of the year with the pair. Seeing as the four friends were all together, they figured taking the opportunity to film was a fun idea. As they had already planned a backyard fire for the night, the film's setting came to be be.
  • Candace Ostler, a talented and degree holding illustrator, did her own drawing for her character's story.