Screen: Righter

Released:  June 24, 2016 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay)
Chad Halvorsen (Story)
Kris Schulz (Story)
Produced by
Chad Halvorsen
Kris Schulz
Julia Smith
Associate Producer
Cate Halvorsen
Director of Photography
Timothy Moder
Chad Halvorsen
Assistant Editor
Caleb Pearson
Script Supervisor
Cate Halvorsen
Art Department and Costumes
Grace Blevins
Art Department
Christopher Kai House
Hair and Make-up
Amanda Niere
Camera Department
Ryan Freng
Ricky Hermida
Jeff Showers
Lighting and Grip
Brennan Krieger
Tyler Deraedt
Chase Lederer
Production and Post Sound
Cory Kaseman
Boom Operator
Matthew Batta
Production Support
Andrew Hegge
VFX Supervisor
Jon Kline
VFX/Credit Sequence
Patrick Brazier
Andrew Bernier
Special Thanks
Sarah Bartell
Jeff Cassie
Allison Chicorel
Nathan England
Damien Hughes
The Kidney of Veronica Handeland
MKE Production Rentals
Moder Media
Eric Momou
The New Theatre on Main
The Stodyk Family
Trottier Insurance

Film Synopsis:

A young woman rushes to her love, but the two woman are having a difficult time coming together as an inspired producer injects his ideas into the story.


Marion / Candace Lauren Ostler
Sarah/Laura Coppersmith / Anieya Walker
Charlie / T.C. De Witt
Michael / David Geisler


  • This film was made for the 2016 Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project. Everything from conception of the story to the completed work seen here was accomplished in less than 48 hours.
  • This is the 10th successful 48 hour film Firmament has done as a group.
  • This project was seemingly jinxed. The night before the genre pull, producer Julia Smith fell ill, the morning of, make-up artist Veronica Handeland suffered kidney problems, PA Christopher House was rear-ended during a data run, Associate Producer Cate Halvorsen lost her muffler, actress Candace Ostler severely stubbed her toe, as well as several other issues. Luckily, the team was able to roll with the punches and complete the film on time and none the worse for wear.
  • The 3 photographs held up by Marion are (in order) Director T.C. De Witt's father, mother, and producer Julia Smith.
  • Producer/Editor Chad Halvorsen's red Pontiac was previously seen in "Hi, Neighbor". In that film however, actress Candace Ostler wasn't behind the wheel, she was being struck by the speeding car.
  • Charlies shirt says "Wordy Nerdy" and is from the Princess Rap Battles by Whiteny Avalon which De Witt has Assistant Directed.
  • Marion is named after previous collaborator Marion Araujo who played Cheryl in "Hi, Neighbor" and Barbara in "Footnote" (a previous 48 hour film by producer Julia Smith).