The Roxy Incident

Released:  April 7, 2014 Runtime:  13 minutes
Directed by
Kris Schulz
Written by
Kris Schulz (Story, Screenplay)
Produced by
Chris Moehr
Kris Schulz
Assistant Director
Julia Smith
Chris Moehr
Chris Moehr
Production Sound
Dammit Dale Ihde
Hair & Make-up
Emily Pomplun
Set Design
Jessica Moehr
Original Music & Score
Jamison Stokdyk
Chris Moehr
Special Thanks
Colin Wilcox
T.C. De Witt
Ryan Brooks
Candace Ostler
DeeAnna Schulz

Film Synopsis:

Look what we found!  Shot back in the 1940’s when Firmament Films was just forming, “The Roxy Incident” is a throwback to the detective thrillers of yesteryear.  Private Eye Carson Fuller needs to solve his toughest case yet and get his brother out of prison in this Film Noir stylized puzzle of a short.


Carson / Jesse Stokdyk
Roxy / Allison Chicorel
Peggy / Leah Nickolai
Detective Briggs / Bill Corey
Mickey / C.S. Lane
Edward / Jamison Stokdyk
Second Officer / Curt Wilke
Mrs. Espinosa / Jessica Moehr


  • Filmed entirely in 2 days on the same set location used for the radio station in the Noize: Producer Chris' Moehr's basement.
  • Film debuts for entire cast except Jesse Stokdyk and Jamison Stokdyk. Allison Chicorel, Bill Corey Leah Nickolai, and CS Lane have significant stage experience.
  • For each crew member, this filming was a "first time" in that position, with the exception of art direction by Jessica Moehr, who is an art department regular.
  • The blood in the film is not actual blood but a mix of chocolate sauce and red food coloring
  • Jesse and Jamison are actual brothers who play brothers on screen
  • This is Kris Schulz’s first time writing/directing a film on his own. His prior experience was directing and writing with other team members.
  • A.D. Julia Smith doubled for the dead body.