Puppet Duty – MOGA Video Chalenge 3

Released:  December 11, 2013 Runtime:  2 minutes
Directed by
Chris Moehr
Written by
Ryan Freng (Co-Writer)
John Shoemaker (Co-Writer)
Produced by
Backflip Films
Chris Moehr

Film Synopsis:

Backflip Films and Firmament Films have joined forces once again to take on the MOGA video challenge. In this installment, the theme was Android vs. iPhone. Utilizing the puppets we have been spending so much time hanging out with lately, the guys put this commercial spot together for the contest.

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iPhone User / Ryan Freng
Android User / John Shoemaker


  • The puppets seen here were created for The Princess Knight, a fantasy adventure feature.
  • There was a third puppet featured that was left on the cutting room floor. The crew named the poor puppet who can't catch a break "Ted".