Plans Change

Released:  April 3, 2013 Runtime:  1 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Screenplay)
Produced by
Chris Moehr
Ryan Brooks
Chad Halvorsen
Ryan Janke
Special Thanks
Cate Halvorsen

Film Synopsis:

We set out to tell a story in as little time as possible – one minute. Our friend in this ultra short film might just be adjusting his calendar tomorrow.

Shot in Milwaukee WI in a few hours, this was at best a challenge of our abilities as story tellers and at worst an excuse to see some good friends again.


Lucky / Luke Kraemer


  • Writer/ Director T.C. De Witt makes a cameo as an extra crossing the screen in the first few seconds, wearing his signature Twins Cap.
  • This short was filmed in a single afternoon on the 20th of March 2012.