Hi, Neighbor

Released:  October 28, 2014 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Kris Schulz
Written by
Jeff Bell (Co-Writer)
T.C. De Witt (Co-Writer)
Kris Schulz (Co-Writer)
Produced by
Julia Smith
Chris Moehr
Kris Schulz
Director of Photography
Jon Kline
Max Olmsted
Chris Moehr
Original Music
Eric Momou
Assistant Diector
Julia Smith
Production Sound Mixe
Cory Kaseman
Boom Operator
Jordan Johnson
Sound Design
Chris Moehr
Cory Kaseman
Luke Kraemer
Chris Moehr
Visual Effects
Ryan Freng
Chris Moehr
Candace Lauren Ostler
Chad Halvorsen
Script Supervisor
Cate Halvorsen
1st A.C.
Lisa Torres
2nd A.C.
Leah Nickolai
Jessica Moehr
Prop Master
Mandy Stoehr
Tim Moder
Best Boy
Jordan Post
Key Grip
Erik Moehr
Location Scout
Cassidy Wilbourne
Special Thanks
Jody Eis Kraemer
Moder Media
Backflip Films
MKE Production Rentals
DeeAnna Schulz
Anna Pesok Kline
Curt Wilke
Zachary Scheeler and Associated Bank of Madison
And the fine neighbors of Madison, Wisconsin

Film Synopsis:

Successful suburbanite Erin is slowly realizing that not every neighbor is super-dee-dooper.

* * *

Firmament Films, along with Backflip Films, teamed up once again to craft an entire film in a weekend for the 2014 48 Hour Film Project’s 4 Points Challenge, The 4 Points, like the 48 Hour Project assigns each competing team a genre, prop, line of dialogue, and character. Everything is created within the weekend time period, from the story to the music to the final product. Nothing is created in advance.

The required elements:
Genre: Doppleganger
Prop: a Balloon
Line of Dialogue: “I heard you the first time.”
Character: Martin Burley, ATM Technician

Learn more about the 48 Hour Film Project at www.48hourfilm.com


Erin / Candace Lauren Ostler
Gordon / Chad Halvorsen
Curt / Luke Kraemer
Martin Burley / David Geisler
Cheryl / Marion Araujo
ATM Passerby / Heather Nelessen
Cute Wife / Jessica Moehr
Cute Husband / T.C. De Witt


  • This film was concepualized, filmed, and completed in less than 72 hours for the International 4=Points Challenge 2014
  • This was a last minute addition to the possibe scripts to film for the weekend. Upon conceptualizing it, T.C., Jeff, and Kris fell in love with the idea, and it became their top and only choice for the weekend. Producers Julia Smith and Chris Moehr instantly agreed. Normally a selection of ideas to debate over, this complete agreement is a first for Firmament.
  • Candace Ostler's character is named after Erin Phipps, long-time Firmament/Backflip family memeber who was unable to attend the weekend's production.
  • Erin's husband Curt is named after Producer Julia Smith's husband Curt Wilke.
  • Typically editor, this marks the largest on-screen role for Chad Halvorsen as Gordon.
  • Coincidentally, intentionally or subconsciously inserted, there are many reoccurring ideas from the Firmament library in this film: (SPOILERS) A character is struck by a vehicle, naming a character(s) after someone unable to attend, a neighbor hosing the lawn, an element of cartoonish death, a dysfunctional relationship, and Jessica Moehr playing a girl friend/wife.
  • Gordon watering his lawn is reminicent of Bill from the Noize water his lawn, including the use of the actual water sound effect of the hose from the Noize.
  • Cameo: Writer/Director T.C. De Witt as the new neighbor moving in during the post-credits scene.
  • Spoiler: One of the Gordon's in the garage is wearing the red tie Curt was wearing the last time he was seen.
  • With her cameo as the cute wife in the post-credits scene, this marks Jessica Moehr's 8th appearance in a 48 Hour Film Project, giving her the most appearances in the Firmament 48 Hour library.