Mobile Gaming Sensei – MOGA Video Challenge 1

Released:  November 18, 2013 Runtime:  2 minutes
Directed by
Chris Moehr
Jon Kline
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Screenplay)
Produced by
Chris Moehr
Director of Photography
Jon Kline
Graphics Coordinator
Candace Lauren Ostler
Original Music
Jamison Stokdyk

Film Synopsis:

Meet the Mobile Gaming Sensei!  And VOTE for our short

This short was created for the MOGA Gaming Contest. You Tube celebrity Freddy Wong of RocketJump teamed up with MOGA to challenge filmmakers across the internet to come up with mobile gaming-centric 90 second short film. The name of this first qualifying challenge was: Mobile Game Pain. These were the parameters:

Everyone has experienced the drawbacks of gaming on a phone. Create the most entertaining video you can – showing the problems associated with mobile gaming. You must incorporate each of the following required elements.

1) A famous movie quote (spoken or written)
2) A cat (live or artistically represented)
3) Pie (real or simulated)

Firmament Films got a skeleton crew together to create this short in less than 24 hours and tapped into the kinetic, wacky video-game comedy style of Mr. Wong the best we could.


Noob / Jesse Stokdyk
Derpin' / Erik Moehr
Sackboy / Ethan Moehr
The Master / Dale Ihde
Mom / Jessica Moehr
Kyle / Adam


  • Erik Moehr's and Ethan Moehr's Firmament Films debut.
  • Created for the 2013 Film Challenge.