Meatball Assassino

Released:  July 29, 2016 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
Chad Halvorsen
Written by
Jeff Bell (Story, Screenplay)
Max Olmsted (Story, Screenplay)
Kris Schulz (Story, Screenplay)
T.C. De Witt (Screenplay)
Produced by
T.C. De Witt - Executive Producer
Bill Corey - Producer
Chad Halvorsen - Producer
Julia Smith - Assaciate Producer
Cate Halvorsen - Associate Producer
Director of Photography
Ryan Freng
Camera Operator
Max Olmsted
AARON Williams
Chad Halvorsen
Caleb Pearson
Production Designer
Julia Smith
Mandy Stoehr
Assistant Director
Cory Kaseman
Corey Millikin
Ian Parks
Director of Producton Sound
Cory Kaseman
Boom Operator
Stephen Pickering
2nd Unit
Marshall Arehart
Patrick Brazier
Grip/1st AC
Emry Brisky
Script Supervisor
Cate Halvorsen
Mandy Stoehr
Joshua Stromer
Make-up Effects
Julia Smith
Matthew Butzler
Mandy Stoehr
Production Assistants
Chris Jewson
Jordan Johnson
Matthew ButzlerErik Moehr
Becca Radix
Stephen Pickering

Film Synopsis:

Luca, a made man, brings his new girl to his family’s dinner. What follows is a standard crime family meal, shouting, guns, and all.


Luca / Johnathan Shoemaker
Olivia Castleton / Jessica Swenson
Bruto / Jeff Bell
Benito / Ryan Freng
Rita "The Mouth" / Julia Smith
Donnie "The Don" / Dale Ihde
Timmy The Tape / AARON Williams
Tony "The Muscle" / Chad Halvorsen
Mario "Mr. Punctual" / Max Olmsted


  • Produced for the 2016 Madison 48 Hour Film Project. The required elements were Genre: Comedy/Detective/Cop; Character: Olivia Castleton, Waitress; Prop: a Tape Measure; Dialogue: "I need your help here.".
  • This is the 6th consectutive year Firmament Films has participated in the Madison 48 Hour Film Project.
  • This film offered many regulars from the Firmament roster new positions in a 48, including Chad Halvorsen's first tie as a 48 Director, Ryan Freng and John Shoemaker in lead acting roles, Bill Corey as producer, Julia Smith as craft service, and T.C. De Witt as producer.
  • This film has a direct connection to a film Jeff Bell wrote and directed in (2012), "MISLABELED", also done as part of the Madison 48 Hour Film Project. Jeff is playing the same character from that film.