This One Last Time

Released:  September 1, 2015 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Kris Schulz
Written by
Jeff Bell (Story, Screenplay, Co-Writer)
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay, Co-Writer)
Kris Schulz (Story, Screenplay, Co-Writer)
Produced by
Julia Smith
Chris Moehr
Kris Schulz
Director of Photography
Josh Halverson
AARON Williams
Production Designer
Jessica Moehr
Assistant Director
Cory Kaseman
Spencer Christian Ortega
Director of Production Sound
Cory Kaseman
Boom Operator
Dale Ihde
Chris Moehr
Craft Services and Location Mangement
DeeAnna Schulz
Derek Schmitt
Dale Ihde
2nd AC
Reggie Kellum
Script Supervisor
Cate Halvorsen
Jessica Moehr
Eric Momou
"One More Night"
lyrics by Candace Lauren Ostler
music by Chris Moehr

Film Synopsis:

A young man stands at a crossroads and receives advice from a thoughtful new friend.

Made for the 2015 Madison 48 Hour Film Festival. Firmament Films was unable to fully participate this year as nearly half the regular team was attending the wedding of Mr. Jordan Post. Many of the FFamily happily joined together with Julia Smith’s Womens Locker Room to craft this drama.

Required Elements
Genre: Inspirational
Prop: A Can Opener
Character: Jim/Janine Spanwell, spokesperson
Dialogue: “How much money are we talking about?”


Jim Spanwell / David Geisler
Quinn / Matt Franklinson
Helen / Marion Araujo
Nancy / Jessica Moehr
Yuri / Chad Halvorsen
Yuri / T.C. De Witt
Musician / Violet / Candace Lauren Ostler
Bar Girl / Allison Chicorel
Bar Guy / Reggie Kellum
AA Group Leader / Julia Smith


  • This is the second consecutive 48 where Chad Halvorsen spoke the required line of dialogue and the second consecutive 48 where David Geisler portrayed the required character. Previously, Chad spoke the required line in Violet, and Geisler played Martin in Hi, Neighbor.
  • Jessica Moehr and Allison Chicorel each portrayed three characters during the film. Moehr playing a bar patron as well as Nancy and a member of AA. Chicorel playing two bar patrons and a member of the AA meeting.
  • Actress Candace Ostler and producer Chris Moehr wrote an original song for the piece that is featured through the entire bar scene.
  • Aside from the overhead shots that open the film, the entire movie is filmed hand held.
  • Trademark: using the required line of dialogue twice.
  • The Yuris (the rowdy bar patrons portrayed by T.C. De Witt and Chad Halvorsen) were previously seen in Violet as two "Russian" gangsters. As they are returning and Candace Ostler portrayed Violet, the running theory is that this film takes place before the events in Violet, making it and Violet the first pseudo-prequel/sequel in the groups pantheon of films.
  • Cory Kaseman's first time as Assistant Director.