Game Day

Released:  May 3, 2014 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
T.C. De Witt
Kris Schulz
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Co-Writer)
Kris Schulz (Co-Writer)
Jesse Stokdyk (Co-Writer)
Produced by
Chris Moehr
Music By
Jamison Stokdyk
Jon Kline
Ryan Freng
Chris Moehr
Chad Halvorsen
Production Manager
Erin Phipps
Set Designer
Angela Bauer
Assistant Director (1st Unit)
Erin Phipps
Assistant Director (2nd Unit)
Colin Wilcox
Sound Designer
Jamison Stokdyk
Production Sound Mixer
Cory Kaseman
Cory Kaseman
Bill Corey Jr.
Dale Ihde
Visula Effects
Ryan Freng
AARON Williams
Color Artist
John Shoemaker
Aerial Cinematographer
Ryan Freng
Stunt Coordinator
William Ball
Mandy Stoehr
Erik Rasmuson
1st A.C.
William Ball
2nd A.C.
Doug Vojtko
Mandy Stoehr
Angela Bauer
Jessica Moehr
Many Stoehr
Anna Pesok
Script Supervisor
Erin Phipps
Kelly Danen
Zack Whitford
AARON Williams
Special Thanks
Salvatore's Tomato Pies
Ancora Artisen Coffee and Tea
Tim Moder
Latoya JAckson and her Baseball Bat

Film Synopsis:

It’s another strike out at the plate, and another weekend without a date for the love struck batter of the Locksmiths. Here is Firmament Films’ 2014 entry for the Madison 48 Hour Film Project. The 48 is Firmament’s annual tent-pole project where every team involved converges on Friday night at 7p.m. Genre’s are drawn at random, and then all the teams must utilize the assigned prop, line of dialogue, and character. This year, the required elements are: PROP: a pair of eye glasses LINE OF DIALOGUE: “That’s it. Take it or leave it.” CHARACTER: Dan Frost, locksmith GENRE: Musical/Western This was the most challenging year yet for the FF team, but as you can see, we really…. knocked it out of the park… (I’m not proud of that)


The Batter / Luke Kraemer
The Catcher / Candace Lauren Ostler
The Drunk / Chad Halvorsen
The Woman / Jessica Moehr
The Umpire / Dale Ihde
The Pitcher / Erik Rasmuson
Dan Frost / Jesse Stokdyk
Locksmith Player / Erika Friedberg
Locksmith With Glasses / T.C. De Witt
Locksmith Player / Bill Corey Jr.
Locksmith Beaned Player / William Ball
Locksmith Player / Mandy Stoehr
MKE Player / Heather Nelessen
MKE Player / Leah Nickolai
MKE Player / Anna Pesok
MKE Player / Zack Whitford
Fan / Chris Moehr
Fan / Cory Kaseman
Fan / Kris Schulz
Fan / Doug Vojtko
Bullpen Dancer / Angela Bauer
Bullpen Dancer / Colin Wilcox
Bullpen Dancer / Patrick Brennan
Bullpen Dancer / Kevin Leach
Bullpen Dancer / Kelly Danen
Bonnie / Heather Nelessen
Bank Robber / AARON Williams
Dan Frost Customer / Zack Whitford


  • Candace Ostler, who plays the Catcher is left handed. There were no lefty gloves, so she had to learn how to throw righty. Editor Chad Halvorsen taught her in about fifteen minutes.
  • The title card is an alternation of the Locksmiths team logo on the team shirts.
  • The opposing team, MKE, is the rental company of cinematographer Jon Kline.
  • Nearly every actor on screen plays a player and a fan in the stands. In certain cases, the film cuts to and from the same actor.
  • The Batter is named "Smith" after Firmament Films regular Julia Smith, who was unable to attend this year's filming.
  • The foul ball tipped by the Batter is computer generated, but the ball that hits the Drunk (Chad Halvorsen) on the head is genuine. It took several takes to get the appropriate bounce.