Dangerous Summers

Released:  July 23, 2010 Runtime:  6 minutes
Directed by
Chris Moehr
Written by
Odin Cabal (Screenplay)
T.C. De Witt (Screenplay)
Produced by
Chris Moehr
Assistant Director
Colin Wilcox
Director of Photography
Ryan Brooks
Edited by
Chad Halvorsen
Special Thanks
Shared Medical Group Services

Film Synopsis:

Polly has been taken, and Chloe Summers will do anything and go through anyone to get her back safely.

Winner Audience Choice, Best Editing, Best Costumes, and Best Sound Design 2010 Madison 48 Hour Film Project


Chloe - Grown Up / Jennifer Robers
Chloe - Little Girl / Sierra Najdowski
Punk Cowboy / Erik Rasmuson
Patrick Raynal / T.C. De Witt
Femme Feline / Momo Nakamura
Sgt. Savage / Jesse Stokdyk
Mother / Jessica Moehr
Los Chulite / Renfield Yo Quiero Danger Moehr