After April

Released:  August 21, 2013 Runtime:  8 minutes
Directed by
Benjamin To
Written by
T.C. De Witt (Story, Screenplay, Co-Writer)
Rebecca Silveyra (Co-Writer)
Benjamin To (Co-Writer)
Produced by
Benjamin To
T.C. De Witt
Edited By
Chad Halvorsen
Xerxes Sangco
Original Music By
Chris To
with Bethany Le on piano
Rebecca Silveyra on violin
Assistant Director
T.C. De Witt
Nick Vargas
Aaron Henry
Graphic Design
Candace Lauren Ostler
Visual Effects
Chris Moehr
Production Assistant
Kaitlyn Crosby
Set Design and Wardrobe
Jazmine Hai Nguyen

Film Synopsis:

Four years after her best friend’s death, Claire is still having trouble moving on, and with a simple wish, she is given one more day.


Claire / Candace Lauren Ostler
April / Robin Johnson
Ed Marlina, Journalist / Paul DeMore
Zack Peterson / Chad Halvorsen
Interviewed Woman / Jazmine Hai Nguyen


  • This film was made for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. The required elements were Ed or Ella Marlina, journalist (character), an unwrapped gift (prop), "I don't care. You decide"(line of dialogue), and Fantasy (genre).
  • Writer T.C. De Witt makes a brief cameo sleeping next to Claire (Ostler) in the open scene.
  • Editor and actor Chad Halvorsen brought a gift from Wisconsin for director Ben To - a Wisconsin Cheese Head. The foam helmet can be seen on top of Zack Peterson's wrapped car near the rear.
  • This is Chad's 7th, T.C.'s 6th, and Candace's 5th 48 Hour Film Festival experience.
  • There was no planned use of special effect for this 48, but an effect shot was added with Ed Marlina's footage appearing on the laptop in the kitchn scene. Firmament Godfather, Chris Moehr stepped up and was able to creat this effect all the way fro Wisconsin.