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Filmapalooza, Wildwood, and Trolling

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Firmament Films Newsletter. We’ve been so busy these past weeks, that we haven’t had a chance to catch up with you all. There have been a trio of festival showings, new projects, and plenty of works in progress! Let’s dig in, shall we?


Well, another year of the 48 has come to an end with the Filmapalooza Fest and the awarding of the International top prizes. After representing Firmament just a couple of weekends ago up at the Door County Film Fest, this past weekend in New Orleans, Julia Smith (Filling In) braved the massive festival that brings together all winners of the 125 cities from around the world that participated in the 2013 48 Hour Film Festival. Our multi-award winning short The Noize played on Saturday along with many of the great winners from around the States, including Portland and D.C. Our Mistaken Identity farce played wonderfully, getting huge laughs, especially from Chad Halvorsen’s Wild Man. “Yeah. Dance.” We are so honored to be among the finest films of the festival, and though we did not receive any international awards this year, we are not heartbroken. Awards are not why we do this. We cherish our many awards from Madison (including Best Cinematography, Ensemble, and Direction), but we do the festival every year to come together as a family and put our skills to the test! The level of talent at Filmapalooza is incredible, and we look forward to continuing to challenge ourselves with the 48 in just a few short weeks. Here is the winner from Amsterdam:

Moving and incredibly done. This is an amazing film and well deserving of it’s win.

We will say that it is a shame the special effects in the Noize from Back Flip Films are so well done that no one nows they are there. The one dozen special effects blended so seamlessly a part of the piece that they are missed. Given the chance to point this out to the judges, we are certain Back Flip would have been recognized for their work. Ah well. Next time, explosions and lasers! Can’t miss those!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Julia Noize

Julia and new Firmament Fan David Costabile the Noize TrophyThis new Trophy will look lovely next to our one for Filling In


While Julia was hanging out with David Costabile in the Big Easy, Producer Chris Moehr and Jessica Moehr Filling In, The Noize) were representing Firmament Films at this year’s Wildwood Film Festival. This Appleton fest is a showcase of Wisconsin talent from every level. Student films, independent productions, and music videos produced by Wisconsin film makers and most done all in state. It is a fine representation of the talent and love for cinema in the Dairyland. We have happily shown our pieces here for three years now, and this year we were awarded the Founders Choice Award for our production On Thursdays, I Do Laundry. Our silent film played wonderfully to the Wildwood crowd offering up an excellent Q&A after. We are honored to be able to attach these laurels to Thursdays.

Wildwood Award


Finally, we are proud to be teaming with Ghost Hat Productions for a wonderful new project.

In preparation for the upcoming feature The Princess Knight, The Troll has graciously volunteered to team up with Jeff Bell and Dan Casey of GhostHat Productions to bring you a weekly video journal. The Troll will answer questions, give behind-the-scene glimpses at the production of the feature with photos and videos, and generally have a fun time. To ask a question, you can comment on the videos, tweet questions to @TrollBlave, or email him at Troll@firmamentifilms.com. If you missed the first episode, you can watch it HERE on the site.

And HERE is Episode Two all ready for your eyes to behold!

We are very thankful to the Troll, Jeff, and Dan for their efforts in this fun project. As The Princess Knight continues to develop, we hope this will help keep interest high and anticipation higher! Plus, it’s great just to see the Troll doing his thing.

Well, that’s all we have for you this week, but check back regularly. We have a NEW Rewatchmen posting soon, and of course the Troll Blog. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, keep moving ever FORWARD!


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