FF NEWS 1/27/14

Screenings, Sneak Peaks, Podcasts, and Princess

Well, folks, another set of weeks in the bank as The Princess Knight continues production in this cold, cold, COLD vortex. Lucky for all of us, we are snugly tucked away in Madison at Back Flip Films (our fantastic partners in crime on this adventure!). We have been seeing a lot of the Baron, Vesper, and the Doc, but a trio of forest dwelling friends made their first appearance on camera this weekend. It was a challenging pleasure to see the Wolf, Troll, and Giant return after nearly a year since they filmed their commercial and scene for our Kickstarter. If you were following us on Twitter or Facebook, you’d be seeing behind the scenes and getting updates on these filming days live!

And speaking of live, Firmament Films was on the news, last night!

That’s right, NBC 15’s Max Hess came down to the studio to check out the production and featured us on the evening news, and, well, here, just watch:

Yeah, that’s us! Coooooool!

As mentioned in that lovely spot right there, we will be showing a sneak peek of the film at the Madison Public Library this Thursday, January 30th. Lake Front Row is featuring Firmament Films in their spotlight on local talent, offering up our filmography and a Q&A with Kris Schulz, T.C, De Witt, Chad Halvorsen, and Jessica Moehr. The showcase is free to any and all who would like to brave the cold.

Lastly, are you all caught up on your pop movie news?

Ben and Mike compiles a mixtape of their greatest hits in their fifth consecutive Portland REWATCHMEN podcast together as they talk about growing up, the dangers of nostalgia, and looking into the future of film and within their own lives. Plus, discussions on the Oscar nominations, Tarantino makes another Western, technological apocalypse in Trailer Trash, and a forum discussion on what movies become better/worse with time. Tune in for laughs, tears, and distracting dog testicles? Oh those crazy Portlanders. You can listen, download, and subscribe to the Rewatchmen right HERE. Go on! Do it!

That’s all for this week, movie lovers. Stay bundled up and keep your eyes peeled. We are Forever Forward here at Firmament Films! There’s always something new coming soon.


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