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2013: A Year In Reflection

We are all approaching the end of another year, and we here at Firmament Films are proud to take a brief look back and see all that we’ve accomplished in 2013.

We, of course, have been spending most of our time with our new felt friends, the puppet cast of our forthcoming feature. The year began with the launch and success of the Princess Knight campaign. Principal photography began in September, and so much has been accomplished in a few short months, with so much more to achieve in the coming year. And once we got to know all the puppets, we couldn’t help but use them as often as possible. Cinematographer Ryan Brooks and Firmament’s T.C. De Witt teamed for a pair of commercial spots for Robin’s Nest Cakery in Kenosha, WI featuring the rambunctious Not-So-Giant Giant, and the team over at Backflip Films were able to utilize their felt counterparts for the MOGA Video Challenge.

Speaking of Backflip Films, 2013 was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship with the Madison based production company. The relationship with Backflip is destined to be a long and fruitful one as they are firmly placed in key roles for the production of the Princess Knight. The joined forces of Firmament and Backflip, along with Flip Eleven Creative, formed the power house team for the annual Madison 48 Film Festival and the filming of The Noize. The short went on to sweep the awards for the Madison 48 taking home top awards, including Best Picture, and will be showing with the 48 Hour Winners from all over the world this March in New Orleans and Filmapalooza.

T.C. De Witt and Candace Ostler, along with Chad Halvorsen and Colin Wilcox, were able to utilize some West Coast talent of the Firmament Films Family with the now award winning On Thursdays, I Do Laundry, which saw editing from original FF Colin Wilcox; and another 48 Hour Film production with After April for the Los Angeles 48, which saw the award-winning editing chops of Chad Halvorsen. After April, along with the adaptation of To His Coy Mistress, was the beginning of The Band With No Name, a new budding West Coast production team helmed by The Rewatchmen’s Benjamin To.

Back in Wisconsin, T.C. De Witt and friend of Firmament cinematographer Ryan Brooks crafted the touching one-minute dramatic turn It Was Wonderful. The film played at the First Annual Flying Car festival hosted by Flip Eleven Creative and placed 2nd in the competition that focused on man’s relationship with technology. It also featured the first collaboration with the Backflip Boys!

Writer/director Kris Schulz and producer turned D.P. Chris Moehr, along with many of the fantastically talented Firmament stable gathered together for the filming of the Roxy Incident, a classic Hitchcockian detective tale, which will likely be the first FF release of 2014.

All those films, dozens of podcasts, several festival appearances that garnered multiple awards, and the continued growth of Firmament Films; 2013 was a very, very productive year for us all. And for as many new fellow film makers Firmament Films has collaborated with this year, it was also a year of departures as new opportunities came to many of our group. Life, in all it’s spontaneity and coincidences and frustration and hilarity, led many of our family down different paths in 2013 – paths of greatness and success, and though the Family may spread far and wide to places we can go and some on long paths we cannot follow, there is always a home for them. Firmament Films will always be a Family above all, and love ’em or hate ’em, Family is Forever. We have accomplished so much since coming together in the hot Summer of 2010, and we have so much more to do. With continued production of The Princess Knight, Filmapalooza, and several pieces already in production, 2014 is looking to be a daring and wonderful year for Firmament Films.

To Be Continued in the next adventure!


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