If you’ve already heard of us and were tracking us down, or if this was a lucky stumble to find us, welcome. We here at Firmament are a group of independent filmmakers who have been creating short films of drama, comedy, action and adventure for a few scant years now, but we have already come so far.

Here on the site, you’ll find our films and podcasts, as well as music videos, and commercials. Plus, there are production photos, information about the creative process, behind the scenes, and details on each piece. Check out our Friends of Firmament links section as well, and see other growing artists and film groups that we support. And, if you’re a believer in the cause, please feel free to click on the Donate link and support movie making that is outside of the system.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your stay. Come back often for more projects, as we are a very busy group striving to constantly build our library.
— Firmament Films

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